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About Health Insurance in Washington, DC

All District of Columbia health insurance companies are required to abide by the guaranteed renewability provision which means that any resident requesting to renew their D.C. health insurance is able to continue and renew their existing policy. Washington D.C. health insurance can, however restrict new individuals from obtaining medical insurance through a pre-existing exclusion period. This means that any resident who has a medical condition prior to the beginning of a Washington D.C. health insurance policy may not be covered for that particular condition for any length of time. The amount of time before the medical condition is covered under a new D.C. health insurance policy is decided upon by the District of Columbia health insurance provider.

Washington, DC Health Insurance Rates

Washington D.C. health insurance rates vary dependent upon the individual. D.C. health insurance companies can deny health care coverage to an individual based on health. Washington D.C. health insurance companies cannot, however, deny coverage to an individual who wishes to renew an existing policy. Premiums can also increase based on changing health and age.

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